Product Code: Victorian Inlaid Rosewood Purdonium

A late Victorian beautiful inlaid rosewood coal purdonium* - coal box - Sheraton style.

From the late Victorian period nice antique rosewood boxwood inlaid coal or log purdonium with zinc liner.

It can be used as storage box or beautiful, functional and decorative addition to your fireplace.


Height: 71cm / 28"
Width: 41cm / 16¼"
Depth: 35.5cm / 14"

As with any previously owned piece of furniture there my be the odd bump or mark that comes with age.
Please send us a message with any questions, we are always happy to help wherever we can.

*purdonium in English Dictionary says "a type of coal scuttle. Having a slanted cover that is raised to open it and an inner removable metal container for the coal. (C.19: named after its inventor, a Mr. Purdon)."